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I'm entrepreneur and founder of SEP, the editor-in-chief of the International Youth Journal, international coordinator at the International Youth Math Challenge and currently developer or manager of the following projects:

   ▸ YPPO Organisation
   ▸ The sXript Project
   ▸ VFG: Vertical Farming Grid
   ▸ Beauty of Math Project

I'm in particularly interested in these scientific fields:

   ▸ Mathematics and Number Theory
   ▸ Programming and Computer Science
   ▸ Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Cosmology
   ▸ Youth Education and Development

All information about my current research, scientific projects, and recent activities are available on this website and on my social media channels:

Fabian Schneider
Mathematics and Number Theory

Mathematics hold true - anywhere and anytime! I love mathematics because of this main statement and the ability to prove conjectures and theorems - other subjects are limited to collecting evidence. The connections between mathematics and nature are fascinating and impress many mathematicians and scientists.

I am particular interested in Number Theory since this area of studies asks several elementary questions of pure mathematics. Number Theory addresses in many cases fundamental properties of numbers and mathematics without requiring a further application. Especially prime numbers, which appearance among whole integers seems mysteries but provide a main key to prove conjectures simultaneously, and arithmetic functions are major aspects of my interested and studies.

Due to my research in number theory, I received the Award of Mathematics in the national finals of Germanys largest youth science competition in 2016. Besides, I published my first paper in Mathematics at the age of 18 years and participated in mathematical events or congresses on a regular basis.
Programming and Computer Science

Skills in programming and computer science are crucial for scientific projects. Programming enables you to create, simulate and calculate a variety of scientific aspects and opens many possibilities.

Raspberry Pis enable me to establish a connection between programming and electronics and to make interaction with the environment possible. Additionally, I encourage everyone to gain basic knowledge of electronics in order to realize exciting projects that require both: software and hardware!

I prefer to use Python 2.7 or 3.6 for the majority of applications and projects. Skills in HMTL/CSS, JavaScript and PHP enable the realization of web projects, applications, and games - some of those are available on this website. Finally, I encourage everyone to taste the advantages of the Ubuntu operating system.
Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Cosmology

Since my elementary school time I am interested in astronomy and cosmology and spend much time on observing the night sky. It is fascinating to see the universe as a hole and to wonder about the science behind the stars, planets, and galaxies. Since then my passion for astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology was born and remained a central aspect of my life.

Today, I still observe the night sky, but use telescopes and more professional methods as an amateur astronomer. I have gained on-hand experience on radioastronomy when I was able to observe pulsars with a radio telescope near Bonn.

I have been involved in research on pulsars due to science competitions and worked at the Max-Planck Institute for Radioastronomy in Bonn in 2015. Space engineering, in general, will enable humans to accomplish future goals of humanity.
Particle Physics

To understand the big picture, you have to understand the fundamental aspects of the universe! Particle physics tries to understand the smallest parts and has made enormous progress in the past years. A German particle physics collaboration enabled me several insights in recent science at CERN. The CERN is a great place with a unique atmosphere and the LHC a giant human milestone!

In 2013 and 2015 I was able to spend time at CERN to conduct own research in the Antimatter Factory and was one of the supervisors of the CERN Students Summer Camp in 2017. Finally, it was an honor to collect more experiences on particle physics during several months at the DESY Institute in Hamburg within the ALPS II research group.

General Science

I want to be a scientist! Not only a mathematician or physicist! This way of thinking is crucial for my life, and I consider a general interest in various fields as crucial. I am fascinated by the universe, and in order to explain it, you will need all aspects of science.

Although it is my desire to specialize in mathematics and physics, there are primarily four further fields I would love to keep in touch with: Chemistry, Biology, Geography, and History. Genetical engineering offers various possibilities, geographical understanding of the earth system connected to human activity is fascinating - due to this purpose, I founded the YPPO (Youth Planet Protector Organisation) in 2017. However, the understanding of the far past and first human civilizations, as well as the development of the universe and earth, is worthwhile too.
Music and Art

Everybody realizes the connection between Music/Art and Science at some point, and several great minds have shown the links between those two often separate fields of human existence. I play piano myself and enjoy to see the mathematics in music and art every day over again.

To create music by the arrangements of prime numbers and other mathematical concepts has been one of my scientific projects in order to extend the connection between music and mathematics. In addition, some of my visualizations and artworks on arithmetic functions and further mathematics were honored with multiple awards. Check it out!